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Here it come, another writer's block, but maybe there's a way out

Posted by B0nn0t - 3 weeks ago

Not exactly writer's block, just that I have problems on how to work with all the unscheduled free times. I really wanna turn music composition into a full-time work. Honestly, I just spent far too much time on a single project and could not make anything fine out of it. Part of the struggle is trying to change my style, I'm a bit tired of the hybrid stuff and needed something more intimate.

In a way that @Phonometrologist said we get a job to fund our music work. I've been freelancing in web development and then get more money from investing in cryptocurrencies, so I can fund the expansion of my sample library collection. I've just picked up Jade Ethnic Orchestra and Studio Steel Drum, hopefully I can do a bit more melodic works from them.

Entering 2-3 contests at the same time is a nice way to train myself how to adapt to different timed projects and styles. For AIM I used free instruments, NGADM I'm going to alternate between free and paid, and finally NGUAC for experimental melodic works. My goals for these contests are even if I don't win, I still can create something worthwhile and fresh. My philosophy for entering contest is never to compete with other people, but to put pressure on myself so I can become better.

Last year I really like how @vocaloutburst made their entries into NGADM and I'm very impressed how diverse is their range of composition and style. I make my goals for this year's work is to follow similar footsteps of vocaloutburst. Another person I'm taking inspiration from is @EvilRaccoon, from his more experimental works. Peter basically sets the bar for hybrid stuff on NG, but I've found his works for the scoring contests as something should be learned from.

It's just finally time to get out of the comfort zone and do something different, set another chapter in my music composition.

Anyway, I hope y'all gonna have a great week. Stay tuned.



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Thank you so much B0nn0t! There's a lot of fun that can go into experimentation and creating sound that becomes unique to your own palette and I'm pleased that this can inspire on others to also be creativity.

Writers block is an absolute pain, I found life stresses can be indeed a contributor to it. Some people helped me out of it, and they told me to post my tracks at the point I would ditch them, which would be usually after the sketch. They gave me some tips and I moved onto the next stage. Eventually I reached the end. Sometimes I find just ploughing through it was my answer. That even if it wasn't amazing at the end, that the learning experience made the process worth merit.

After all these years, my animation, art and dependency on imagery / visual storytelling fuels the music. It creates the gateway to the those ideas. These visuals, existing or not portray a sound, and that's ultimately what defines my sound design choices / creations. Inspiration can truly come from anything. Which is why the AIM will always inspire! :D

Keep well!